commercial solutions by ILC

Take the cleanliness of your office living space to a level its never been before.  The Island Living touch will revitalize a drab looking space and address commonly overlooked areas of your office to bring the freshness of the islands a little closer. 


The island living paradigm

The Island Living paradigm was birthed out of a desire to bring a completely different execution of service to an industry in need of revitalization. 

Cleaning is more to Island Living Cleaning than washing floors and doing a little dusting.  It's about the delivery of industry leading customer service,  competitive pricing options, and consistent execution of outstanding cleaning service. 




Did you know that Island Living Cleaning has grown over 500% in the last 8 months alone?  This tidal wave of increase is the result of our wonderful clients who have graciously given us the opportunity to demonstrate what service at ILC is all about.   It is also the consequence of consistent delivery of service that strongly exceeds what our customer's expected. 

Is your company still paying a lot of money for substandard cleaning service?  Let the professionals at ILC help you make the best decision for your company you've made all year!

Call (204) 612 6282 to learn about the island living difference.